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The connection and engagement of employees in the period of working from home.

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It is a fact that working from home means that all team members and possibly the entire company will not be able to be in the same space to work together. Work exchanges and interactions can be less productive. So, how to engage employees during the work-from-home phase?

The concept of working from home is no longer strange to businesses in Vietnam in many different fields due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic. Previously, this concept appeared but mainly applied in technology companies or multinational corporations, when communication between employees was mainly through chat applications. But no one would have expected that, 2020 will be marked as the year that all businesses around the world have to switch to working from home.

The wave of “work from home” was quickly applied, leading to many sudden changes in the management and implementation of work of all departments in the company. And this is the time when HR professionals and departmental leaders should consider policies to keep employee motivation and team connections, “out of sight” but still not “out of mind”.

* Build a “virtual community” for businesses.

Starting a new day with a different office space is sure to lower morale in some way. Changing the workspace will be a slight shock for each employee because they have so many distractions. Besides, these sudden changes will lead to some obstacles in the internal communication of the organization.

To keep the workflow smooth, a “virtual office” is recommended to be built in this situation. Business leaders should invest in more advanced and easy-to-use communication tools. In addition, the software may include the function of becoming a common “forum”, sharing work updates, or sharing expertise from individuals on a variety of topics. Members can interact with each other, often share views and assist in completing assigned work. Team leaders should encourage employees to work together and stay connected.

* So how to engage employees with this “virtual community”?

HR professionals can organize activities such as quizzes with prizes, encouraging employees to learn new things and share that useful thing with everyone. Observed at some companies in Vietnam and around the world, some activities can be implemented such as:

● Strengthen employees’ health with daily exercise challenges: jump rope, push-ups, resistance movements, thigh exercises,…

● Applying “virtual break”, “happy hour”… with weekly online meetings and exchanges, sharing side activities about life, family, birthday celebration for employees every month

● Competition activities for employees while working from home

To ensure activities are carried out efficiently and motivate employees to participate, human resources departments or managers can consider gifts that can be delivered online such as meal vouchers, shopping vouchers. goods, service coupons, etc. to help limit shipping costs but still bring practical value to employees.

* Maintain interactions with Recognitions of Achievement .

Corporate recognition has always played a big role in an organization’s success. When being recognized for outstanding work results, employees will feel happy that their contributions are appreciated and impact the development of the company. This also boosted their loyalty, the motivation continued to grow to receive more appreciation from superiors and colleagues.

This is the right time to learn and use digital forms of attribution, also known as “digital R&R platforms”. The advancement of cutting-edge technology-based tools is bridging the gap between managers and employees, breaking down barriers of physical distance. Managers can now recognize and reward their employees anywhere, even on the go, with integrated mobile apps.

Not only for managers, these tools can also help increase the recognition of colleagues within the same or different groups of the organization. Unlike in the past, where a company often had to hold an employee awards ceremony, performance rewards can be awarded instantly and effectively from a variety of locations, or from many parts of the world with multinational dam companies.

* Offer employee perks and discounts .

To keep employees motivated, giving some extra perks is another good way, regardless of whether employees are working remotely or in the office. Some employee-specific perks include company-exclusive “deals” with links to other brands.Various promotions with shopping incentives, insurance package support, hospital association, gift cards… These incentives help employees to be satisfied with the discount benefits from brands that employees enjoy. members often buy, is also a way to support each other in developing partnerships.

* Engaging employees with the Sodexo Meal Pass electronic meal voucher solution .

With the above suggestions, human resources workers can be flexible and creative in activities to engage employees during the work-from-home period. This is not a temporary solution, but will most likely be a future trend because after the Covid-19 period, we will still have to have solutions to adapt to the working environment in the modern era. digital transformation with remote working trends, for many different objective and subjective reasons.

Understanding the importance of the application of technical technologies, with its research, Sodexo brings the 4.0 food welfare solution: the Sodexo Meal Pass electronic meal voucher solves the problems of welfare costs. benefits for staff, while balancing the employee’s experience to ensure that employees are cared for and served a variety of dining needs with a guaranteed stable quality from reputable food brands. credit.

Sodexo Meal Pass can be easily applied to the above suggestions with its solutions:

● As recognition for the company’s dedication to employees

● As a thank you note between team members or mutual projects

● As a gift for online meetings

Meal voucher management system is implemented online, allowing administrators and users (managers, employees, human resources department) to easily access and check by phone application.

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