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The FBI has breached a secure iPhone insole from Pensacola. The way is secret

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The U.S. Federal Counsel said that after a mass attempt, a secure iPhone insole broke from a warehouse in Pensacola, Florida. In January, Apple applied for cooperation in the investigation, the bag provided only available data from iCloud. The FBI is on Apple.

Twenty-one-year-old Muhammad Amrn from an air force at the Pensacola warehouse in Florida, where he went through training, shot dead those people last December and wounded eight other sentences, including two of Erif’s representatives. In January, therefore, the investigator applied to Apple for the unlocking of two iPhones (models 5 and 7) by another footer. US Secretary of Justice William Barr said at the time that Apple’s cooperation was lacking. According to him, the company did not provide substantial assistance to the federal agents. Apple objected, the FBI provided technical assistance and pedaled all the data it had access to (see the FBI again. I didn’t unlock the iPhone insole from Apple’s Florida warehouse).

Barr and FBI Director Christopher Wray are convinced that Apple’s attitude has sharply affected the work of federal agents. According to the portal The Verge, both agreed that ifrovn the device did not disturb the high voltage. The FBI managed to break through the security and, after the MSQ attempt, without the help of Apple. The foundations found in them were then connected to the terrorist organization Al-Kida. It should be noted, however, that in the burrow, its Yemeni branch has fundamentally subscribed to the December flow to the nmon.

Thanks to the FBI and not to Apple, he managed to unlock his phones, Barr said on Monday, May 18. He watched over the remaining delays and wasted a lot of money, which in turn paid the taxpayers.

Wray then lamented the remainder of the arrest warrants, who, even during the coronavirus pandemic, had to expend much effort to obtain the necessary evidence, which should be granted without delay for the basis of two court proceedings. He probably came up with a U.S. court ruling in February 2016, when Apple was ordered to help the FBI help unlock a phone in San Bernardino, California (see Unlock an iPhone insole in California, see Apple’s court. He turned it down).

We could have lost valuable evidence, the FBI laments

The FBI also issued a dispute over the fact that during several weeks of delay caused by Apple’s lack of cooperation, a potential accomplice could erase all evidence that would prevent federal agents from linking him to a specific terrorist organization. According to Minister Barr, Apple’s attitude has an impact on public and national security and is therefore unacceptable.

Apple’s desire to provide privacy to its customers is understandable, but not at any cost. There is no reason why companies like Apple cannot design their consumer products and applications to allow law enforcement access to law enforcement while maintaining very high standards of data security, he said.

Apple has long refused to create so-called rear drills. He insists that he cannot create a tool that does not threaten to fall into the wrong hands. However, according to two Reuters reports, the company, according to the FBI, has dropped you from the full level of data on iCloud. First, this data, if available, the company Refuse the bag in any way to compromise the inviolability of the loit itself on iPhones.

However, Barr is convinced that Apple, like many other technology companies, is able to create a product that not only protects user data, but also allows law enforcement to access data that is relevant for billing when a court order is required.

We do not store user passwords, brn with Apple

The FBI did not specify the way in which the agent managed to break both of the shooter’s iPhones. Wray only stated that the method used would not be applicable for further evaluation. The technique developed by the FBI has very limited use and no problem with Apple. It should be noted that iPhones are completely laughable by default after ten failed attempts at their clothing.

Apple, in its current view, condemned the mass flow on it, and continues to insist that no drilling is a good way and can be a threat to national security. He also denied any lack of assistance to investigators: Misleading allegations about the company are an excuse to weaken files and other security measures that protect millions of users and our national security.

Among other things, the company stated in the statement that accesses were not stored on the bottom server by the user and there was no possibility to unlock the device with a password. It is not possible to get into the phone and their complete tasks on iCloud in any way.

The FBI did not publish the exact way in which the security of one of the perpetrators of the flow in San Bernardino, California, broke the iPhone in 2016. million crowns (for more, see Unlocking the iPhone cost us a million dollars, uploaded by the FBI).

Break security secured by classified spyware

While the question still hangs over the currently used method, the educator has one apparently powerful tool in his hand. The NBC Newstoti server brought information about roughly classified spyware for about a year, thanks to which it is not necessary to forcefully break through the access. According to two unnamed people, Grayshift’s Hide UI software can track the back of the access code.

Apparently this is one of the police tools, since the change of the company, these authorities in criminal women buy devices known as GrayKey (for more see this box to unlock each iPhone. The series will cost 310 thousand). At the same time, these purchases are subject to confidentiality agreements, which is probably the main reason for which this spyware is mentioned first and in connection with the breakthrough of the iPhone.

According to the familiar hunter, the situation is guessed at the most common way for law enforcement authorities to get into the suspect’s iPhone. People in criminals rely first on companies like Grayshift and Cellebrite, which look for any mistake on the part of Apple to create a tool that can bypass the security features of the iPhone.

Apple refused to address this issue. Grayshift also declined to comment on the existence of Hide UI spyware. However, she said that she was working to make the development of technology legal. Only Hide UI is very limited. Spyware must be installed suspiciously on the phone, so it must first be confiscated and then shaken. First, the investigator here will change it to GrayKey. And even in the future. Hide UI saves these accesses to a text file, which can be extracted every time you connect the phone to the magic box and speed up the access of user data in the phone of the suspect.

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