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I’m not selling top models, but cheap ones by selling a smartphone with Android

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The best-selling smartphones with the Android operating system have always been the top Samsung Galaxy S series for several years in a row.

In the first quarter of this year, worldwide smartphone sales fell by 17 percent. A total of 275 million smartphones were sold, compared to 330 million last year. According to Strategy Analytics, 86 percent of all smartphones sold were equipped with Android, the world’s best-selling smartphone platform.

Traditionally, the best-selling models were the most expensive smartphones, or the most models ever. According to Strategy Analytics, it was Samsung Galaxy S10 + in the first half of last year. So the fullest Samsung, if not limited to the limited model S10 5G last year. This year, however, the situation has changed. Due to the coronavirus crisis, but also for other reasons, the best-selling smartphone of the first quarter of 2020 is cheap.

In addition, only two characters can enter the ebku: Samsung completes Xiaomi. Huawei dropped out of the game due to restrictions by the American government. The reason is not the bag and thus a significant decline in sales, just split between several models. What has to do with the situation in the German market, which is now Huawei’s key. On the other hand, even Samsung’s competitors have expanded their portfolio in the last year, which will have an impact on the sales of individual models.

The best-selling phone is therefore an opt model from Samsung, this time the bag instead of the expensive Galaxy S series model is the cheaper Galaxy A51 (version without 5G). The one in the manufacturer’s catalog belongs to the middle of the day, in which it is roughly in the middle. In Czech, its recommended price is 9,500 K, but of course it can also be sold cheaper. The A51 is popular especially in Europe and Asia.

Samsung has three models of the six best-selling smartphones with Android, but Dr. Xiaomi gave the second hand with the Redmi 8 model. What is a cheap phone with a price under 4,000 crowns.

And the third best-selling device with Android is the real top model. Samsung Galaxy S20 + is sweaty in versions with and without 5G support. Samsung Galaxy S20 + is officially on the market in a basic version of 28,000 crowns. So roughly as much as the best-selling Galaxy A51.

The fourth place went to the Galaxy A10s, which is the cheapest that Samsung has to offer in Europe. More precisely, somewhere in Europe in the Czech Republic, there is only the old variant of the A10 for sale, which will cost less than 4,000 crowns. Followed by Xiaomi Redmi Note 8, est is the Samsung Galaxy A20s. So again cheap models, xiaomi in the Czech Republic cost about 5,500 crowns, A20s are not available on the domestic market.

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