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Buy interesting mobile phones from the other hand. Uette, but the seller deceived me

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The prices of the current spice smartphones often exceed the 20,000 mark, often even sharply. Therefore, some users are prohibited from doing so. Thoughts on the spade cell phone do not have to give up completely. No less interesting old models can be seen from the other hand. It carries a bag with it and certain risks.

The cheapest version of the top iPhone 11 will cost almost 21 thousand crowns, for the basic version of the Galaxy S20 model, Samsung is shooting two thousand more. If you want to keep up with the times, you can probably sweat forward with such a date. But what ever happened with the exchange of years old model and the hunter would like to add something from the time, but he should not spend the whole name? So you can look around for smartphones from the other hand. Isn’t that risky?

He is at any risk for any use. The buyer often has to know only what the seller told him about the subject. This is a personal transfer, ie the ability to check the status before going for payment for a given amount. Not all sellers offer this option, not all buyers are willing to go a long way. CNET portal editor Andrew Hoyle therefore decided to find out to what extent the alleged seller of the used mobile differs from the real state.

He received $ 650, ie 16.5 thousand crowns. For this amount, a completely new peak of the smartphone nsk vroby would clearly contribute. It just wasn’t Hoylev cl. stku, which was available, so he used the whole to buy pouitch once top model from leading brands. Specifically from Apple, Samsung, Motorola and HTC.

Vesms bought on the eBay auction portal, not only from private sellers, but also from companies selling refurbished smartphones. One of the phones, as he lives in Great Britain, then also shared directly from the British company MusicMagpie. It buys old phones, which were sold after the renovation.

Cheap top smartphone from second hand me bt trap

The cheapest phone Hoyle ever was the five-year-old Motorola Moto X Pure Edition. She cost him £ 50 ($ 60), or about 1,500 crowns. In the description of the condition, the private seller stated an excellent condition. At first glance, the motorola was in great condition, only the tires of the phone were slightly worn. But the display was not frayed and worked without a problem. The seller apparently concealed one. According to Hoyle, the phone repeatedly switched off without warning, even though the battery level did not drop below 50%. After switching on, the phone signaled a discharged battery, after connecting to the charger, the same charge status was displayed as before the automatic switch-off. The phone will therefore return the field and will request a refund of the pension on the grounds that the actual situation does not coincide with that, as stated by the seller in the advertisement.

At 56 pounds ($ 70), ie in the dark at 1,750 crowns, it was spent on the six-year-old spade HTC One M8. A private seller on eBay described the condition as used. The phone showed normal signs of wear, only in the upper right and lower left corner of the back there were small ridges. The display did not show any signs of damage, both connectors, ie charger and headphones, were fully functional. The system was trouble-free, the phone did not bite at all.

A similarly attractive iPhone 6 was built for Hoyle. This Apple model was introduced in 2014. The company, which is engaged in renovating its mobile phone on the auction portal, wanted only 75 pounds ($ 95), ie about 2,300 crowns. She described the condition as good, with the surface of the phone measuring signs of ordinary use. In this respect, Hoyle was pleasantly surprised: The iPhone did not have darkness. There was even a protective film on the display. Only in this case, he apparently bought a rabbit in a sack. The iPhone turned off without warning, and after the restart, the display showed information that it was due to the inability to deliver the necessary peak power. The fault is obsolete batteries, although according to Hoyle the hls system is in 91% condition. Perverted performance, which would unexpectedly restartm pedel (see Apple slightly slows down old iPhones. Publicly admitted it), is not considered a regular one. However, replacing the battery with a new one would cost him 49 pounds (roughly 1,500 crowns), which he considers a fairly high investment due to the low price of the phone.

Do you want a cancel? No problem, but pay more

The last two posed top smartphones then come identically from Samsung in South Korea. The cheaper of them was the five-year-old Galaxy S6 model, Hoyle paid 120 pounds ($ 150) for it, ie in the amount of approximately 3,700 K. This phone was also sold on eBay by a company specializing in the renovation of old models. She described the condition of the phone as excellent. At first glance, this was the case, only the chrome rim of the main camera showed a slight wear. The only problem was the loose microUSB charger connector. According to Hoyle, this is a minor problem, otherwise the phone works smoothly.

It was first announced by Samsung’s three-year-old top model. He paid 215 pounds ($ 270) for the Galaxy S8, ie not more than 6,500 crowns. He bought it directly from MusicMagpie, which advertised the condition of the phone as good. So he showed normal signs of wear, he passed a test, which proved that he is in excellent operating condition. According to the editor, the described condition coincided with what he received. As a big advantage, which is also bought by the buyer price compared to private sellers, he considers the provision of cancellations.

Do not wait, you are buying used cars

Most disappointing was the purchase of Motorola for Hoyle. Even the iPhone could get a cold drink from it, but the reduced performance would be a usable phone for at least some time, according to him.

However, expecting a large number of music buyers is quite a problem in the case of a years old phone. Replacing the battery, if possible at all, will require two or more service intervals. Its stiffness cannot be prevented. It can also be worn and worn by other hardware networks, such as a higher connector.

It is not possible to check the possible possibility of returning the goods before paying for them, if it does not match the description, even to ask the seller about at least the time limit for testing.

It is necessary for me to take a pretext when purchasing a several-year-old top model, and the operating system is also obsolete. Many manufacturers may not support the phone at all, so you can’t expect the usual system updates as with new models. Isn’t there an application that you used to use for a year of starm smartphone? Don’t be surprised, even if you’re probably seeing an unsupported model.

It is thus necessary to call all the pros and cons. Finann dispute is tempting, just as you would see her old top model. Just spending your pension on something you won’t be able to use the way you originally thought was probably not ideal.

We remind you that in the case of Samsung, you recently saw regular quarterly update systems for the Galaxy S7 series. So only those three year old top models. In the future, only critical bugs will be fixed (see Konen for more information. Owners of three years old samsung drank updates).

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