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They wanted to test 5G, fight him. The referendum in Jesenka did not pass

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Jesenk is one of the five cities that succeeded in the 5G competition announced by the Ministry of Industry and Trade together with the Ministry of Urban Development. The test generation of the five generations, which Vodafone is building in this locality, will start in July. However, some local deputies tried to prevent this at the last minute.

We want to improve the services of citizens of the city and the creation of commonness. The 5G st nm test will provide valuable experience, said Jesenka Mayor Tom Vlazlo in the bureau this year. Apparently, some representatives of the Czech city in the Olomouc region do not share his talent. They tried to push through a proposal to call a local referendum. One of the points of the resolution was thus suspended all preparatory work for the 5G test room in Jesenka, until the result of the plebiscite.

Adam Blian pointed out the battle of Jesenice’s representatives against 5G on Twitter. Mstn pltek liv lnky and people are afraid. The council even voted to stop the construction of 5G st, he said, adding that a representative of the ODS and the YES movement were drinking on a wave of hysteria.

The first representatives of these parties were for the opening of a referendum and the opening of the 5G test in Jesenko, one of the representatives of the Coalition of SPD and SPOZ and only for the Nezvisl Jesenk movement in the council also voted in favor. However, the majority of deputies resigned in the vote, including Mayor Jesenka Zdeka Blianov.

The proposal for the opening of a local referendum was submitted by Petr Prochzka (ODS) to the city council. The test takers (who really shouldn’t have) turned to me, as a well-known representative, to submit a proposal for the preparation of a local referendum in the case of 5G to the ZM, explaining to the editors of Mobil.iDNES.cz that this proposal was not drunk.

The whole thing continues, because, as it seems, they are no longer allowed to laugh with the result of the voting vote and prepare a petition with a good turn on the signing of the first voters so that the local referendum must be announced, Prochzka added.

The inhabitants of Jesenka have started signing a petition against the 5Gu test room in the runner, initiated by Jesenick tdenk. Among other things, he called on the city council to call a referendum.

In addition, Blian draws attention to a series of articles that appear first in a changed local weekly. Their content in humans raises concerns about the impact of 5G on health.

In one of them, for example, a student of the Jesenice business academy expresses her fears about the composition of the flax, in which she is indefinitely attributing the death of her son to the first influence of 5G on human health. Elsewhere, on the other hand, she learned of a massive death of the size. In both cases, the student, probably unaware, refers to hoaxes.

Specific information about the death toll due to 5G is one of the most famous hoax, which in connection with the advent of new mobile technology. esk telekomunikan ad therefore decided to twist information about its harmfulness (for more see Uvaen brains, dead birds and large. ad wants to dispel fmy about the risk of 5G).

Due to the fact that the elections to the regional councils, which will take place at the arrest of June, it cannot be ruled out that the 5G test room in Jesenka is becoming a political issue. Among other things, Blian pointed out to you that one of the ODS deputies had distributed a disinformation squadron at the last meeting.

He also pointed out that the first of the YES movements, its members in the Jesenice council were in favor of a proposal to call a referendum, was the initiative of the 5G test room. At the head of the changed ministries are these people from this movement.

5G is not a new threat

The Association of Mobile Network Operators (APMS) has two pointed out that the disinformation campaign is based on a simple misconception, namely on the fear among citizens. In particular, she tried to give the impression that 5G would make people’s heads and otherwise endanger their health, explaining that presenting 5G as a new threat made no sense.

The influence of mobile phones and the health of the phone is physically independent of the type of service, which is a business and it is 2G, 3G, 4G, or now the new 5G st. Only the power performed is fatal. At the same time, the same limits apply for 5G as for the existing technologies, explained the executive director of APMS Ji Grund.

The limits apply to radio and television broadcasting, which requires more power than mobile broadcasting.

Negative effects of 5G on the health of Czech telecoms and others. For many decades, television broadcasts have been broadcast on the same frequencies as a result of broadcasts that cannot be achieved by 5G base stations. And the effect of this dream on human health has not been described, two said in an official statement.

In addition to Jesenko, the 5G test operation will run in Pilsen, Karlovy Vary, St. Nad Labem and Blin.

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