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Vynae Snowden introduced his application. M undermine property and freedom

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Edward Snowden, known for taking documents from the US Secret Service NSA, introduced the Haven application. Use a cheap phone sensor to detect unauthorized intrusion or long-distance monitoring. The dog Tor or Signal communicates.

Kat, that you don’t mind privately because you have nothing to hide, is like that you don’t mind freedom of speech, because you don’t have anything to say anyway, said Edward Snowden in an interview with fans. Former CIA technician Snowden brought out sensitive NSA documents in 2013, and Pedal is a newspaper. He wanted to draw attention to the massive monitoring of Internet activities of people in the United States and around the world.

So it seems a bit paradoxical that Snowden has now introduced his own Haven application, which is used for covert surveillance. Haven (in English it means safe toit, ed. Note) gave every cheap android phone a security alarm. Smartphone dog sensors sense we know what is going on. We designed the Haven app to take advantage of these advanced sensors and connect them to very secure communications such as Signal or Tor.

According to Snowden, there is no contradiction here. The Haven application (the official github site, available for download on Google Play) carries data on a large number of people, but on the contrary, two options can be tracked into the hands of individuals. Snowden recommends the application, for example, to dissidents, people who threaten or confiscate property, and anyone who wants to protect their physical privacy.

Edward Snowden introduces the Haven app:

Haven offers the following features:

  • motion tracking via phone camera (front or rear)
  • tracking the movement of the phone through a sensor
  • monitor the sound around the phone via the microphone
  • monitor phone power
  • sequentially illuminated around the phone
  • communication via the Signal application
  • exposed tracking on the web help st Tor

It can be used as an alarm or as a replacement for some much more expensive ones using IP cameras. As Snowden reminds you, Haven has not sent photos or other data to the cloud, only you have access to them via Signal or Tor. Haven the need to install on a burner phone, ie on a cheap single phone with Android, not on the main phone. That’s why it’s not available for the iPhone, which according to the creators use the rest of the tracks: We haven’t forgotten about vs, the iPhone user. You can buy a cheap Android phone for a hundred dollars and safely access your phone from your iPhone, like a creator.

Edward Snowden p
Edward Snowden p

The Haven application offers functions for securing property or for remote space.

Haven was created as part of the Guardian project, which also offered privacy protection applications, such as Orbot for communicating with Tor or CameraV for captureable photos.

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