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The application for which I have a smartphone. He’s bloated

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The Czech company ByteDance has introduced its first smartphone, which has not yet been introduced. The name is exactly as you would expect from the creator of the very popular TikTok application for young people.

TikTok is very popular among billions. And so the US administration is examining its security risks. The TikTok application allows you to shoot a short video, ie exactly what young Internet users consume.

Now the creator of the application, the Czech company ByteDance, has introduced its first smartphone after a long time. He bears a catch-marked change to the target group. Although the novelty is now on sale only in n. The new smartphone is called Nut Pro 3. Nut in English means oech, but so it is marked for lence. So not for a mentally ill hunter, but for a great fool. Words gave me words, unpublishable here.

The name of the news is taken from the original creator of the smartphone. This is Smartisan, which has introduced a smartphone called Nut Pro 3. This is the same smartphone as the new product from the company behind the TikTok application. And not the first of these features, the attention was paid to the R1 model with 1GB loitm.

Although Smartisan does not generate large sales (therefore, probably with the creator of the TikTok application, it only bought a number of patents and the interior of Smartisan), but it is a trend brand that will sell not only smartphones and their accessories, but so clothed.

The specialty of the Nut Pro 3 smartphone is the ability to launch a new version of the TikTok application called Douyin directly from the bottom of the screen. According to them, it is possible to insert known filters from the TikTok application into the videos (not only those short tiktoks, but however long).

Otherwise, the equipment is identical to the original smartisan. There is no lack of a Snapdragon 855 processor and an extra portion of 12 GB of memory. loit in the phone mue mt capacity and 256 GB. The AMOLED display with FHD + 6.4-inch resolution and the main cameras are the same.

On the equipment side, it is a well-equipped smartphone, which has only a small drive in the display and the frame evokes old iPhones. So the thing to which it is fulfilled according to Apple’s estimate to drill. The dog is rich in equipment with a new price of 2,899 yuan, ie about 9,500 korunches. It has not yet been announced outside the German market.

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