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nsk ptka let no one between you. One is just from the US

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Only five manufacturers will enter the German market. Together they have a dark market. tyi are nt, one trip from spojench stt.

The nsk smartphone market is the largest in the world. Although in the current coronavirus crisis, something has changed and something is happening in the German market. In the first quarter, smartphone sales fell by an incredible 38.9 percent in the first quarter.

And when we compare it with the last quarter of the quarter, the fall of the drama is less than half of the equipment sold. The primary consequence is, of course, the coronavirus crisis, but only the market is so saturated that it declined to drive before the current crisis.

It is interesting according to the manufacturer on the German market. This is dominated by the bird manufacturer, which owns 96.7 percent of the market. Other manufacturers, which are plentiful, do not have days on the market there. They have to look for sales abroad.

The five manufacturers are the following characters: Huawei, Vivo, Oppo and Xiaomi, which sails the American Apple. Among this bird has the absolute dominance of Huawei, which owns as much as forty percent of the Czech market. What is unmarried today.

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According to the Digitimes server, the dominance of Tton birds and the dog is growing despite the current crisis; It is also important how these five brands will deal with each other. And it is predicted, first of all, the growth of Huawei, which fits into the role of national characters.

Other manufacturers have to look for a place to sell their smartphones outside their homeland. That’s why the TCL Group with its own brand and Alcatel or Lenovo are moving abroad with Motorola smartphones, which now look interesting.

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Dal eenm of new manufacturers is the so-called ODM and OEM production, but n manufacturers produce for various, even very well-known world-class smartphones according to their fullness. Or for other characters, smartphones not only make, but also develop. Alternatively, supply custom smartphones for different operators.

Likewise, today the German market is closed to non-foreign manufacturers. Sony has withdrawn from it and Samsung is buzzing today, even though driving a few years ago was the number one on the local market. Nothing under my Nokia, two very popular.

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