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Mobile info card about the coronaviru se zam pendlers and turists

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The most up-to-date information on the development of the coronavirus situation in the Czech Republic can be downloaded to your mobile phone in the form of a clear info card. Its cars are going to include documents that will be used mainly by tourists or those who drive for work across the border.

The info card of the Ministry of Health is preparing a new project that would alleviate the worries of commuters and tourists during possible inspections. In addition to information on current measures, statistics and contact details, a cross-border passport should appear on the mobile phone, ie a card with information on the length of stay, the status of the test room and more. The card should be able to download information from patin’s internet databases.

We tested the use of digital cards as a new form of communication with citizens. We have to build here. The tool achieves unique results. Without marketing support, more than 1.2 million people organically use the technology, said crisis manager and innovation coordinator of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Robin umpelkpro portl eskNoviny.cz.

I can imagine how we will use a digital card, for example, in connection with the Citizen’s Portal and other available projects and tools. The project will contribute to the practical implementation of the R Innovation Strategy and acceleration will introduce a digital project and services to the citizens of the Czech Republic, he added.

The mobile card has many advantages, its installation is simple, it does not take up almost a day in your mobile phone and it works contactlessly, similar to your mobile boarding pass for an airplane. The vNV information is constantly updated, even if some conditions or rules change, the card user will know about it immediately (for more information, see Downloading coronavirus mobile information).

Pendlerm will be especially useful for the fact that the card should be able to connect to the database of information for testing on covid-19. The user will get the results within minutes of loading into the database, the whole process is also secured by data and the card will invalidate itself for the necessary time. This makes it easier to provide information about a possible quarantine or, conversely, to prove it with a negative test.

You can find the distribution list for storing the card in the mobile phone here. The card is available for both iOS and Android, where the card bag system works with another application.

The owner of an iOS phone has it easy, just open the camera and help him scan the QR code on the page (or just the one from our water picture). The card is then loaded directly into the Wallet application, which can also be found in the basic phone of the Apple operating system.

The Android user must first install a patina application, such as Yourwallet, from the Play store. After running it, you can allow access to the camera and then scan it by changing the QR code. The card will then appear in the application.

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