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Encountered anti-5G zazen for thousands. It’s just a flash drive with ny

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The advisory commission of the British city of Glastonbury secured a complaint when it started to recommend USB biot as a protective aid against the negative effects of 5G st. Experts disassembled the device and found that it was an ordinary flash drive.

The triggering of 5G is a sensitive issue, especially in the United Kingdom, or in the country of hysteria and paranoia about conspiracy theories about the functioning of 5G. The situation has gone so far that the people here ignite 5G sends in the belief that the transmitter will help in the coronavirus (more in the article Vydrel only pr. Conspirtoi dl ignite 5G sends).

The advisory commission of the British city of Glastonbury viewed the threat of 5G from the loom, and the city of the flow on 5G sends, on the contrary, recommends special protective aids, which can help prevent these harmful effects. One of the consultants, Toby Hall, mentions a USB device called 5GBioShield.

The USB key has a nanolayer with quantum holographic catalytic technology to ensure the equilibrium and harmony of electric radiation. You can carry it with you or place it near a device that produces electromagnetic women, such as a smartphone, and keep it safe for dealers on official websites.

Whether or not the mind thinks of it, or whether behind the anti-5G USB project, only a joke is hidden that decided to turn the pensions of fans of conspiracy theories. Its device is an absolutely common USB flash drive with a capacity of 128 MB, which can be purchased in many e-shops, analysts from Pen Test Partners found out. It has an LED diode and the seller also provided it with his own sticker.

If more than just the Glastonbury City Advisory Board had run into them, they could enjoy a total of half board. USB flash drive, its real price is about one hundred crowns, sale with an anti-5G sticker for 283 pounds, ie about 8.5 thousand crowns. The bag is also available in a suitable package of 795 pounds (24 thousand crowns).

Recall that the coronavirus with the help of 5G sent and other completely unsubstantiated information about the harmfulness of the fifth generation are not other than conspiracy theories. In general, the 5G st has no other health impact on the human body than the current mobile network, which has given rise to wireless. Even the 5G standard is well below many limits for non-ionizing electromagnetic women that are set.

By the way, the biggest source of this non-ionizing woman is the Sun, and the electromagnetic woman created by the hunter is only a small contribution to its performance. The fact that this woman carries information is only a clever use of it and it has no effect on its effects on the human body (for more see People Fool and Ignite, it sends 5G. Think they may be responsible for coronavirus).

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