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Despite the conspiracies, the pandemic will accelerate the building of 5G, the expert believes

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The coronavirus pandemic has shown how modern telecommunications st. These will have to be more prominent in the modern economy, according to the manager of the Czech branch of Ericsson, one of the leading suppliers of 5G technology. The first building 5G can speed up the current situation, even though it is somehow in the Czech Republic.

Ericsson has long been one of the leading suppliers of infrastructure for mobile operators. Today, one of its main components is the Finnish Nokia (traditional game clock), but also the Huawei Huawei, its name has recently been glassy not only in connection with advances in 5G technologies, but also with a potential security risk.


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Even if you don’t avoid Ericsson later, the company is doing quite well. I don’t know anyone who would have a leap ahead of us in the field of infrastructure and 5G infrastructure, boasts Cveto Gaperut, Country Manager of the Ericsson branch of Ericsson. Although the company is constantly undergoing restructuring and spending for some of its losses (in the global case regarding the payment of a fine of at least a billion dollars), it is technologically still at the forefront. We were the only one to launch 5G st on those continents. Nine hundred of the approximately 80 that are in operation worldwide are used by Gaperut.

Most often, however, 5G has been on the pet in connection with various conspiracy theories, which have developed, especially during the coronavirus pandemic and covid-19. However, they should not have a major impact on the development of 5G, Gaperut said in an interview for iDNES.cz.

There are a number of cities around 5G, including allegations of harmfulness to human health. How do you have evidence that these are real fmy and 5G health damage?
In this regard, reference should be made to national and international associations such as the World Health Organization (WHO), the Mobile & Wireless Forum (MWF), GSMA and others. Over the last century, the effects of electromagnetic women on organisms have been studied in detail, and WHO and other experts have come to the conclusion that scientific evidence does not prove the effects of radio waves from mobile phones or storage stations on human health.

We are, of course, aware of the misinformation circulating on the social walls, most recently about the link between 5G and coronavirus. These fmy are not supported by days of scientific evidence. The World Health Organization makes it clear that 5G mobile phones do not develop covid-19. Oven viruses cannot be transmitted by radio waves or mobile phones. Despite the fact that the covid-19 is used in many countries where you do not have a mobile 5G.

If the common mood slows down the advent of 5G, will it be a problem? For companies, for users?
We are observing the exact situation. In the days of coronavirus, mobile devices have proven to be a critical infrastructure and more users are looking forward to speeding up the development of 5G. More specifically, two out of five respondents to the recent Ericsson ConsumerLab study, which took place in 11 countries in Europe, Asia and America. Two of the respondents consider the positive role that 5G technology could have played during the current medical crisis.

So do you think that the current crisis, when we all use the Internet connection, including mobile, will put pressure on the process of introducing the 5G network faster?
The coronavirus pandemic has clearly shown how critical infrastructure is today. During its course, owl traffic around the world increased dramatically. We now work with our customers to keep them up and running and connect as well as possible. It will be interesting to see how the pandemic will affect the onset of 5G in the long run.

An amended survey by Ericsson ConsumerLab showed that conspiracy theories do not affect the public’s attitude to 5G. On the contrary, 40 percent of respondents said that the 5G construction should be accelerated so that we can fight the virus more effectively with the help of modern technology, robotics, remote-controlled devices and other devices that would better protect medicine and put personnel on the front line. However, 5G could, for example, facilitate video telephony, as stated by half of the respondents. In short, research shows that even in times of crisis, users put more emphasis on robust telecommunications technology.

What will 5G st bnmu users bring, to whom will they be good? And how do they have potential elsewhere, in the corporate sphere?
In companies, there are new capabilities that the 5G pin can use. Among other things, this is a fast response time, ie low transmission latency, which allows remote robotics or autonomous vehicles. According to the possibility to divide virtually with the help of a function called network slicing, which allows the specific capabilities of 5G st. Or battery life exceeding 10 years at remote Internet devices incl.

Consumers will continue to benefit from mobile broadband and wired wireless access, while innovative services, including those based on birth and virtual reality, will enter the market, especially in the field of gaming applications and more. We estimate that the number of customers using 5G for the birth of mobile broadband connections will reach 2.6 billion by the end of 2025, with North America and Northeast Asia leading the trend.

In the Czech Republic, the auction for frequencies is constantly being postponed. Does this mean for Ericsson then, for example, because you were expecting sales that you don’t realize? Or is it a good idea, because you can finish the technology and the offer and the opertorm will get a better offer later?
One of Ericsson’s average values ​​is vdr. We realize that sometimes it is necessary to repent, not to get things moving. And the introduced 5G represents a decision for each country. He gave respect to our values, so let’s acknowledge the decision of the government and not comment on them in any way. Ericsson is always ready to provide the best 5G een opertorm.

From experience, they are operatives using the Ericsson device, who are innovators in their markets and are ahead of the competition. For example, the Swiss Swisscom is 100 percent a customer of Ericsson, and it has been covered by the 5G signal by around 90 percent of the Swiss population thanks to the Ericsson Spectrum Sharing feature, which allows it to switch from 4G to 5G simply by upgrading the software. Given the benefits of 5G pin eskm users and businesses, I hope the auction frequency will come soon.

Huawei’s competitor has often changed recently due to security risks. The EU will introduce the so-called 5G Toolbox, in which companies that pose a security risk will not be involved in building strategic infrastructure. What does this mean for Ericsson?
We are ready to support this process to ensure a high level of protection for European citizens and businesses, as we consider it a priority. 5G will represent a critical infrastructure that will facilitate the digitization, automation and connectivity of machines, robots, transport units and so on.

With billions of connected devices and new types of applications, it must be more resilient, secure and better to protect the first individual in private.

Ericsson is a neutral game in this field, we do not support the security policy of one country at a time. I just want to emphasize that all states and entities that have so far adopted security measures and decisions regarding 5G have identified Ericsson as a two-sided supplier. Ericsson has passed very independent evaluations of non-technical and technical criteria.

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