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pikov xiaomi tm has disappeared from the market. Mi 10 Pro uv esku do not buy

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Although the models of the Mi 10 series were shown as very interesting fingers in the prime, you will not wear them after the sale of existing items. Xiaomi is pulling them out of the domestic market quite unexpectedly.

Update 17:50: Additional information about the current availability of the Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro models at Czech electronics retailers.

Update 17:08: Additionally official release of Xiaomi mobile distributor for R.

The announcement of the end of the sale is a big surprise for us, according to our first impressions, you are better equipped with the Mi 10 Pro with a great smartphone (for more see the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro peak in the Czech Republic: I have the best focus in the world). Together with the cheaper Mi 10, you will be able to find it only in foreign markets. The Wednesday 10 Mi 10 Lite model will be removed from the netk market.

Due to the above-standard demand for the Xiaomi Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro models in the home, which has met with an unexpected positive response from both professional and ordinary users, Xiaomi management has decided that these two products will continue to sell only at home. market. This is limited to the Mi 10 Lite product, which is and will continue to be available on the Czech market. As for the Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro smartphones, their sale will not take place in the Czech Republic in the future. .

We want to emphasize that both of these models will now have full service support in the future and will be fully functional. The Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro models thus become a limited edition, which is currently available for purchase from selected business partners.

It is not clear from the publication how the specific problems of the model series on the Czech market can be imagined. Attack ns just a few reasons. The first is the fact that the coronavirus as such has reduced mobile phone sales, which logically reduces the consequences of this type.

The kind is that Xiaomi has a long-term way to access the top models, which, despite small compromises, have always been able to offer for a significantly lower pension what the competition in the high-priced category. This year’s Mi 10 series with prices of 22 thousand (Mi 10) and 28 thousand crowns (Mi 10 Pro) will completely neglect this trend.

Especially the Mi 10 Pro is something that even Xiaomi customers are not used to. Phone numbers for 28 thousand crowns cause me embarrassment, for example, a lot of spades Mi 9 cost 12 999 crowns. Even with the fact that the Mi 10 Pro is equipped in all aspects with a smartphone with a state-of-the-art processor and a great photo camera, which, according to us, qualitatively dominates those of Apple and Samsung.

At the same time, I am discouraged by the fact that this is more than one SIM city and the 5G support is currently a surcharge for future insurance, which the current user has no choice.

Given that Xiaomi refers those interested in these models to foreign markets, it is clear that sales in the Czech Republic did not meet the expectations. Even so, the withdrawal from the domestic market will seem like such a quick step, and let’s see if sometime in the future, Xiaomi will not change his mind about this decision and will not bring the models here again with an interesting price.

Currently, only the cheap Mi 10 model is available from most major electronics retailers. Please contact Alza, Malla, Datart and CZC. Top model Mi 10 Pro, for example, sellers Mall and Datart in their e-shops, however, do not have it in stock. The expected end of June is the end of June or the beginning of July. Most likely, it will not be in stock, it will not be in stock at Witty Trade, ie the official Czech distributor Xiaomi. If you are interested in peaks, you probably have the last thing: on Wednesday, only Mobilpohotovost has a warehouse stock, and only at the branch in Brno.

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