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Surprised of the year? The coronavirus helped Huawei become a mobile agent

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The coronavirus pandemic has stifled the smartphone market. A surprising number of deaf cities that people have spent in the city at home is the German Huawei, which has developed into a world one. He probably didn’t last long.

In a number of major smartphone manufacturers, the coronavirus has caused confusion. While going to the end of the year, it looked like Huawei would fall out of the worlds of the three (in the third place after Samsung and Apple, it was replaced by Xiaomi) and according to the loss, now everything is different. The sharp decline in mobile phone sales in the world, in contrast to the strong increase in domestic sales, has led to the fact that, according to the latest figures, Huawei is one of the smartphone manufacturers.

The information was confirmed by the analytical company Counterpoint for the Gizmochina server. According to them, Huawei achieved a 19% share of the world market in April, surpassing Samsung, which had 17% of the market in the same period. Samsung, with Apple, is driving these days significantly affected by the ongoing pandemic.

Samsung was the first to pay for this, until April, which weakened significantly in markets such as India, the United States, Latin America and Europe. Here, people have spent (or still take) most of the time in social isolation, and the purchase of new smartphones has not been a priority.

It should be noted that Huawei will probably not rejoice for long. This year, the company will see a total drop in sales of 20%, which is the bottom mainly due to sanctions from the United States, which left the company from cooperating with Google or the manufacturer ip TMSC. The discerning user is rapidly losing interest in phones that do not offer them Google services, so Huawei has to rely mainly on the domestic market.

In contrast, in many regions of the world, bn traffic will be resumed. This means that sales of competing brands such as Samsung, Apple and Xiaomi are starting to return to normal. In the following months, Huawei does not have much to do with such positive sounds.

I bhem pandemie introduced a new model to Huawei:

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