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Facebook in trouble. f security con, people do not care analysts

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Cambridge Analytica has unexpectedly obtained information on fifty million Facebook users and has used it, among other things, in the development of software tools to support Donald Trump’s election campaign in 2016.

Facebook, which has recently been questioned due to a number of propaganda use by the Russians, the growth of phenomena at first and controversial information about users must now have another problem, the departure of Alex Stamos’ Facebook security.

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I’m going to step away from this one. I really care about privacy and security, as well as platform openness, freedom from censorship and stopping authoritarians who use the internet as a weapon. I just wish I was better about talking about these things in the reality of 2018.

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In the company, Stamos advocated the clarification and publication of Russian activities on Facebook, while Sheryl Sandbergov, the operations director, did not agree. Stamos, his powers were gradually transferred to other workers, therefore decided to resign. According to The New York Times, the bag kept persuaded him to stay until August, or his departure would not look like the time.

Denk noted that Stamos had two young people and 120 people, while now it was made up of three workers.

Problm s Cambridge Analytica

Behind the departure, there will also be an current case, which encouraged not only the public, but also the employees themselves. That’s why the company will meet with employees, who will be able to ask the analytical company Cambridge Analytica, which worked with information about 50 million Facebook users, which it accessed via one of the Facebook applications, on the black market, according to The Verge server.

Its purpose was to help the questionnaire get information about millions of profiles on Facebook. Thus obtained the bag was in violation of the rules provided by the company Cambridge Analytica.Facebook now the company broke up cooperation.

The British company Cambridge Analytica is dedicated to the collection and analysis of data and, in addition to other ones, it also undertook a campaign in support of the current US President Donald Trump.

Facebook’s new threat due to Cambridge Analytica is being settled by lawmakers and lawsuits. At least two government officials in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania have announced plans to begin the investigation.

The European Union said that the data breach in the case of Facebook, if confirmed, is dsiv. We do not want this in the EU and will take all possible first steps, including strict data protection rules and strong enforcement in the general data protection order, said Financial Times Commissioner Vra Jourov, who is in charge of data protection. Jourov is going to the USA, where, according to his release, he will want to be explained by Facebook.

Politicians criticize Facebook

Politicians on both sides of the Atlantic Award see the situation as a problem now. For example, British lawyer Damian Collins, who leads a media committee in the British Parliament, accused Facebook of providing misinformation, reducing the risk of personal data being disclosed without user consent.

He said under MarkZuckerberg and gave executive representatives of Facebook to appear before his board, which examines misinformation and falen first. According to Collins, Facebook has consistently underestimated the risk of data breaches and has provided misleading answers to the board in the past. Someone should take responsibility for that. It’s time for Mark Zuckerberg to stop hiding behind his Facebook page, he said.

Collins thus accused the British company Cambridge Analytica Alexander Nix of li. Nix missed the committee that his company did not receive data from a researcher who is accused of obtaining personal information about millions of Facebook users.

In Washington, Democratic sentor Amy Klobucharov called on Zuckerberg to appear before the committee to explain what she had been doing to abuse the political advertising and voting manipulation. Democrat Adam Schiff, who is a member of the congressional committee examining Russia’s ties to Trump’s election campaign, spoke similarly.

Last year, Facebook met with criticism due to the fact that its website is bad for Russian propaganda and falench at first. Over the weekend, the company tried to cover the current case. The top performers were on Twitter because the protection of the company was not violated and Facebook was not to blame. Clearly it was no data. The system was not infiltrated, the password or information was not stolen or compromised, said Andrew Bosworth, who is in charge of Facebook consumer software.

Date from 2014

Cambridge Analytica obtained the information in 2014, when an external researcher paid users a small amount to fill it out with personalities and download the application, which of their profile and the profile of their friends received some private information. That’s what Facebook made possible in the days.

Researcher Alexandr Kogan told Facebook and users that he was gathering information for academics, not for a political data society owned by a wealthy conservative, Cambridge Analytica. Facebook did not control how the information will be used.

The data from Facebook should be used to create a method that could identify the personalities of individual voters in the United States and influence their breeding. Many experts question this psychographic model and its influence on Trump’s camp. The Facebook bag did not inform users, their data was recovered, and a lack of information could violate laws in Britain and many US states.

Researcher at Columbia University Jonathan Albright points out that the lack of oversight and transparency of how Facebook collects data about its users means that the company’s platform could be further misused. They will not keep the people from doing anything when we make it easier for them, Albright said.

Stopy iv esku

Cambridge Analytica has participated in election campaigns around the world, including in the Czech Republic. Cambridge Analytica Alexander Nix and his collaborator Mark Turnbull talk about this on recordings by the British channel Channel 4. Nix thus revealed to the reporter, who pretended to be a customer, the possibility of persevering politicians with the help of prostitutes.

Cambridge Analytica has denied allegations of bribery, provocation and other unfairness. We conduct interviews with two clients in order to expose any unethical and illegal changes, said the company’s speech. The company thus insists that it does not use false materials.

Cambridge Analytica (Twitter)@CamAnalytica
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Tonights @Channel4News story gives a highly misleading picture of the company and what we do. https://t.co/XlJEM9ujK3

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Nix, on the notices marked by a hidden camera, said that their mother company Strategic Communication Laboratories (SCL) worked on more than 200 elections, including the Czech Republic, Nigria, Kenya, India and Argentina. Turnbull said that their employees act hidden and unobtrusive to anyone.

In connection with a certain European entry country, he talked about the first completion and very successful of the project. Nobody even knew they were there. They just let themselves be carried away. They drank like ghosts, did the work, and burned themselves, Turnbull explained.

On a note from December 2017, Turnbull said that the company entered data into the bloodstream of the Internet and then just watched how. It has to be done so that no one thinks it’s propaganda, he said. The moment you say it’s propaganda, the question of who released it follows. We also have to be very refined, he added.

Nix also talked about working in secret. In fact, we have many clients who do not want their relationship to get to the public, he said, saying that the company is used to working in the wall and using various tools. Reporter, who pretended to be a client interested in ways to promote certain candidates in Sr., Nix offered the opportunity to use prostitutes. He said that one of the services that Cambridge Analytica could provide was to send some twenty to the candidate’s house. He added that very pkn are Ukrainians.

According to Nix, the tactician stated that, for example, they would pay a large amount of pensions to the candidate so that he could pay his camp. We’ll record everything. Then we’ll smash the TV to our boy and put it on the internet, he added.

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