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Dream Apple Watch came at an attractive price. He rubbed his rubber bell on the toilet

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The actions of traders in the black bird are often very interesting. What about the old generation of smart watches from Apple with a roughly thousandth discount? It was a great thing for John Brown to make his dream come true and not spend it, he wasn’t willing. Naden quickly left him after the opening of the shipment.

The dream of the Apple Watch Series 4 in all-round colors with a rubber stamp was discovered by a young Briton just before the outbreak of a discount membership for a black bird at an unbeatable price in the popular Amazon store. They were available for only 299 pounds, ie in the price of about nine thousand crowns. Thus, their price was due to discounts of one hundred pounds (roughly three thousand crowns) not in the retail sector.

Browne did not hesitate and ordered a losk model of a smart watch from Apple in a coveted design on June 22. I was happy before Christmas, I searched for them for a long time, he told the British portal WalesOnlines, saying that he was waiting for discounts on the black bird.

After weeks of finding the best price, he could not prove their delivery. Naden, known for his controversy, left her a little after he picked up the package at a reception in London on Monday, June 25. According to Brown, its contents caused the hysterick to seize laughter. However, as a sales director, he had to suppress his anger.

Rozarovn was never known. The shipment of these instead ordered Watch Series 4 contained a bell on the clogged garbage. Not only was it not a matter of smart devices, but the difference in the prices of both products was really abysmal. According to Brown, the household aid costs 4.39 pounds, ie only 133 crowns.

Rozarovn was all the more familiar, even at the time the watch was sold out. Browne then spent a long time in the ensuing complaint. Amazon originally gave him only 289 pounds (roughly 8.7 thousand crowns), and after the urgency he managed to call, but in the form of a dragon voucher worth ten pounds.

Brown is not only the fact that, probably due to the mistakes of the online store, he was interested in the possibility of owning a dream watch, but also the fact that all his strength was wasted in their sight.

It should have been a good buy. The city of the iPhone got potatoes

In the case of Brown’s failed purchase, there was a fairly large drop by Amazon. However, situations where the buyer gets something completely different in the mail, not in fact the dog bought the Internet, are no exception.

He told you about it from Arizona, USA, who bought an iPhone at a bargain server for a good price. The package looked intact, and the phone sat on the Apple database. when he became a fraud, it became clear and sweat that the phone received and unpacked. After turning it on, it required a software update, where it was clearly stated that it was an Android operating system.

However, there are also those peeks who do not hide behind the anonymity of the Internet, but have so much audacity that buyers will be deceived even in person.

Last December, a woman from Wisconsin, USA, who succumbed to the possibility of using a cheap iPhone 6, found herself in such a situation. While a real functional mobile phone was provided for testing, after agreeing to buy it, an unknown seller sold a box with completely different contents. At home, instead of the iPhone 6, she was waiting for a piece of sliced ​​potatoes (see She bought a cheap iPhone, she put sliced ​​potatoes in a box).

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