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Apple discovered put vc that m m Android at the age of twelve

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The introduction of a new version of the iOS mobile system brought several relatively simple design and functional innovations. iPhones will be more customizable and again a bit clearer, but the novelty in the form of a widget on the home desktop will look a little smarter: Android has been around for the rest of its existence.

A new version of the mobile operating system iOS 14 was introduced at the WWDC 2020 development conference, which Apple only accepted due to the ongoing pandemic via the online pandemic. have not confirmed, iOS continues with word 14.

Let’s take a look at the most fundamental changes concerning the appearance of the system itself. The first and probably the most important novelty are widgets, which are informed and functional tools that you can place on the home desktop among the application icons. At the same time, they can also represent them, for example, instead of the service icon for the weather, you can place a widget of this service directly on your home screen, which immediately displays the current temperature, blinks and other information. Widgets in iOS are also customizable in size, you can also have them in a small square, so you need to cut across the entire menu.

We probably don’t have to remind people who have owned an Android phone in the past to remember that widgets are something that this competing system has had since its inception, ie since 2008. Their size at home has changed since version 3.1. , ie since 2011. Nevertheless, Apple has unified the widgets of at least the designs to match the appearance of the system.

The second novelty is the first App Library application, which could simply be called a new application menu, which allows applications to be divided into folders according to category and frequency. It is basically a catchy variant to the classic styles, into which you can only manually compose applications.

The picture-in-picture mode has been added to the functional news of the system, ie the possibility to display the window of one application while only another. In practice, this means that you can, for example, play a movie in a window and at the same time have the window displayed on the rest of the screen first, or you can have a traveling video call and browse the Internet at the same time.

App Clips are simplified cards for large applications that have a specific function, usually activated, for example, by scanning a QR code or one NFC ip. It works for you in the framework of the application for the payment of a parking fee after you load only a window with the possibility of payment without the need to start the entire application.

A functional first design change was made to the menu at first, in which you can now select your favorite contacts and pin them to a fixed position above the first steps. If you participate in a group conversation, its icon changes dynamically to the one who sent last first and who is most active in writing first.

Apple has thus improved the Maps application, in which the new Brno is looking for cyclists or electric car owners. Riders on bicycles, for example, show the map and the firmness of their filling, as well as the location of the stairs. The electric car has the fact that the new maps take into account the range of their vehicle and the way to fill the road so that they are close to the charging station.

Other minor changes concern, for example, the function of the compiler, which has a conversion mode. In it, I can watch a conversation between two people in real time and recognize who speaks a language first. Apple has thus optimized the use of Siri’s assistant voice, which now offers the results of orders in the form of notifications and does not interfere with any other activities on the phone. Optimization also involves connecting an AirPods headset, which now makes it easier to connect between different devices.

An interesting novelty is the possibility to take out an iPhone or Apple Watch as a replacement for a car. In the CarKey application, you will also be able to share access to the car with multiple users, if you give them a patina to correct them through the application. This is useful, for example, when sharing a car in a family. The CarPlay application has been enhanced (the ability to change wallpapers and more functions for electric cars).

The beta version of iOS 14 will be available to young people in July, and to the public in autumn. The owner of all iPhones from model 6s and newer will enjoy the new version. The good first thing is that, unlike last year’s version, no one will lose the news this year, last year the 5s and 6/6 Plus models dropped out of the list of supported devices for new versions of the system.

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