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Rocket sales skldacho samsungu pekonvaj vechna oekvn

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Going to the arrest in December, the Korean media reported that Samsung had sold a million million Fold models. The Samsung bag itself published the data on December 12, according to which even twice as many pieces were sold, and subsequently revised this statement.

Samsung has sold half a million pieces of its first smartphone with a flexible Galaxy Fold display, said The Korea Herald server. This is a low level compared to conventional smartphones, but Galaxy Fold is an exclusive product.

And not only exclusive, but especially extreme tracks. Half a million smartphones sold, which will be sold on our market for 54,000 crowns and similarly cost worldwide, is quite a respectable number. Samsung thus managed to launch its pelomov model on the market. And at the time of the public result, somewhere to go did not sell you in the Czech Republic.

The question of how sales outlets are actually is. On Thursday, December 12, Samsung announced the announcement of Samsung Electronics President Young Sohn to TechCrunch. According to him, the Fold folder is equal to one million. Which of the very expensive phones has a big sales market. Only subsequently did the company revise this statement, which was probably misunderstood. Samsung did not mention the official store.

But if it is so or so, even it was published by the Korean press is in a hurry. If that’s the case, then Samsung has to rub their hands, because they didn’t even expect such a result. And so it could happen that Fold will be a big slump. He was very close to it.

Originally, it should have been on sale before five months ago, but due to design errors, its sales start was postponed. Samsung had to rework the design of the Galaxy Fold model. The original design was found to be defective in the first tests.

For five years, Samsung has fully sold six million flexible smartphones. Apart from the new generation of the Galaxy Fold model, a cheaper lid can help him with that. This should be introduced at the beginning of five years.

In 2021, the South Korean giant sold 20 million pieces of flexible smartphones. This is a huge style that is slowly catching up with the classic classic spear smartphone.

According to them, flexible smartphones will find the world on the market. So far, it is an extreme path of the device, but gradually their price will fall. The competition will also grow, where a new version of the Motorola Razr icons will stick to the extreme price.

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