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Facebook ended with a crazy test. The main page is drilled to the norm

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Facebook ends with a controversial experiment, in which in some countries it has basically offered two main pages.

The test lasted about a year, which practically divided the main Facebook page into two. Vedleklasickho News Feedu tobylast with the name Explore Feed. It mlauivateli pinet personalized content from sources outside its circle ptel i oblbench strnek.

The test took place in six countries around Slovakia. However, according to Facebook, the people revealed in surveys that they do not want their content to be divided between two News Feeds; one with contributions from ptel and family and the other with material from mdi and brands.

There are memes stolen from other platforms, a few msc star virln videos, links from Fox News and Mashable that you’ve seen elsewhere and unknowingly pollen, and an endless stream of stupidity found from George Takei’s Facebook page. If Facebook thinks that’s what I want to see, then I may be very low, the American website Quartz wrote about the Facebook test at the time.

Let’s try a lot of cases – some of them end up in time and let’s run them, others don’t work and let’s give them up. Today we are getting rid of what didn’t work: the Explore Feed test was written on twitter by Adam Mosseri, who is in charge of the company’s main website development.

Adam Mosseri (Twitter)@mosseri
01.bezna 2018 v 19:39, pspvek archivovn: 04.bezna 2018 v 16:47

At News Feed we try a lot of ideas some work out well and we launch them, others don’t and we drop them. Today we’re dropping one that didn’t work: the Explore Feed test: https://t.co/nhLxQqdik4

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The Explore Feed was a secondary stream of contributions from commercial networks, where users were shown content that the social algorithm evaluated as interesting to the individual. Immediately after its introduction, there were complaints that the new service offered only a false sensan at first and utter banality.

You gave us the answer: People don’t want two separate feedas. In surveys, people said that I was satisfied with the contributions that appear to them, and that having two separate feeds did not really help them in better contact with the family and asked, Facebook wrote.

Facebook launched the test in the fall of 2017 in secret, and especially in the newsrooms in the participating countries, panic broke out when I went to people on the website from day to day to go to people who did not appear in the main menu. Thus, it appeared at first that the new system helps falench at first, which usually generate user activity. The people usually do not share boring facts with boring facts at first, said Filip Struhrik from the Slovak Den N, who has been dealing with the issue of social security for a long time.

Changes directly to the main page

Let’s think that the recent changes made to the News Feed, which emphasize meaningful social interactions, are a better response to the feedback we have received from people in the sense that they want to see everything from friends and family, Facebook wrote. These changes in themselves limit the movement of content from companies, brands or copper.

The company announced them in mid-December as changes in the algorithm, only preparing items, first and ads, which the user then sees on the world. The company wanted to help its representatives with the help of friends and various non-advertising associations from various companies, copper and political groups.

One of the areas we will focus on in 2018 will be to ensure that the company, which we all insist on Facebook, is a time-consuming time, Zuckerberg wrote in Facebook on January.

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