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Sun equipped with a smartphone with the same Android 10 costs only 1,400 crowns

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Android 10 still can’t find its way to smartphones and even the most famous brands. However, the new system from Google can literally have a hub in a fairly sunny smartphone. And it’s completely safe and without a superstructure.

Umidigi is not exactly the most famous character, but his smartphones are also available on the Czech market. Some have interesting equipment for a sunny price. The Umidigi A3S could be a real hit.

It costs only $ 59.99 in the official store. So in pepot roughly
1,400 crowns. M due to the price of solid equipment, but the main attraction is its system. This is the new Android 10, which does not even have smartphones of the most famous names. In addition, it is a completely system from Google without any superstructure.

The equipment can not be expected due to the price days of sight, but it will certainly not disappoint. The 5.7-inch screen displays 1,440 x 720 pixels. There are two photo cards. 16 megapixels with an f / 2.0 aperture complements the bokeh effect of a camera with a pt megapixel resolution. Front camera m13MPix.

The smartphone washes the clothes with the help of a scalp scan. Even though it will probably not be safe with such a cheap smartphone. There is a fingerprint on the walls of the phone. The phone supports LTE on two SIM cards, including VoLTE telephone. The SIM card slot is not hybrid, it can also hold a memory card.

This will be necessary, as it has a capacity of only 16 GB. Performance will not be a strong feature of a cheap smartphone, but even an Android without a superstructure could bet a pig. The MediaTek MT6761 processor is used and the operan memory is only 2 GB.

Bluetooth is in version 5.0, wi-fi meets the 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac 5 GHz specification. The battery should have a solar capacity of 3,950 mAh on nenron hardware. In addition to GPS and Glonass support, Galileo navigation satellites are also supported. And there is a 3.5mm headphone jack jack.

For a fee of ten dollars (230 crowns), the A3X model, which displays a display and a 3GB washed memory, is a little extracted. Levnj model A3S zane Umidigi pes svj web prodvat pt tden, o fous dra Umidigi A3X je uv prodeji.

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