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Samsung invented naklpc foky. It’s very special

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Samsung proves that one of the most important parameters that smartphone manufacturers focus on is the camera. He patented a set with pti and esti snmai. What is more interesting is the non-traditional system of tilting them.

You, or rather you? Pt fok, isn’t it too much? Not according to Samsung’s patent, despite the fact that the Nokia 9 PureView is not such a sales hit. For a South Korean society, however, the number of pouches is marginally important, but not important. It is much more interesting how the company wants to handle such a large photo set. It can be assumed that the number of images on the walls will depend on where this and that model will be in the hierarchy of Samsung’s offer.

According to last December, the World Intellectual Property Organization filed with the patent, which was pointed out by the Dutch portal LetsGoDigital, these overwhelming images have the same parameters: three or five of them (depending on the model) have a focal length of 28 mm. The last to sweat is then a telephoto lens.

Samsung has patented a report on

Such an assembly is therefore significantly different from what we are currently used to, when in many photo assemblies the main image is supplemented by all wide-angle, telephoto and depth-of-field images. Why would Samsung actually want to omit the photos of different parameters, where each of them the user under a completely different collection?

He wants to make it easier for the user to work. Each of the identical parameters can be equipped with a tilting system, it can be tilted in the vertical and horizontal axis. Mainly, there will still be only one of these images, the rest of them have to cooperate with them. The sensors can tilt independently of each other, the degree of tilt will depend on the user-selected mode in the photo application.

For example, an ultra-wide panoramic image could be viewed from the same position as a standard photo, and the user would not have to change his position when shooting or shooting the subject for the necessary shooting. the size of the resulting collection would be affected by the first tilted image.

Samsung’s patented enhanced single key: Enhance your photo experience. The user should reach the so-called pano-bokeh, a panoramic image with a blurred background, by shooting the cameras, ie in the middle, thanks to the overlap of the fields of view. In addition, according to the Dutch portal, the correct configuration should result in such better results when shooting in low light conditions.

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