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Huawei is out of the game. Therefore, prices do not fall as fast as expected

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Phones with 5G support are stle tracks. For the price of a processor, they support the most modern st. Don’t discount as fast as expected. There is no competition because Huawei is out of the game.

In the Czech Republic it is not so important, the first chamber with 5G is just starting to work and during the nearest MS operator O2 will cover the center of Prague and Central Cologne. In this world, 5G is moving faster. Their use logically depends on the availability of 5G-enabled devices.

And that’s quite a problem. Phones with 5G are not exotic exceptions, the number of models still increases. Only in overwhelming vtin are these expensive phones. In the Czech Republic, this means an investment of at least 15,000 crowns, it does not cover the current price on the Xiaomi Pocophone 2 Prone or the Samsung A51 5G. But even in these cases, we will not get to a price below 10,000 crowns. Such a mobile phone will hit the market at the beginning of autumn at the earliest.

One reason is the price of a processor with 5G support. Today, the manufacturers produce chips with an integrated modem for 5G, last year the first 5G phones had a modem on a separate chip. This logically increased the price, but there are now processors with support for 5G tracks.

He had competition

Basically, it is currently produced only by Qualcomm, Samsung and Huawei. And this is mainly in the category of processors at the time. The example is the Samsung A51, which exists in variants with 5G support and without n. The first version uses ipExynos 9611, type Exynos 980.

Of course, it is very powerful and normally the manufacturer would not put it in the phone often. Although there are some minor differences between the two phones, the price of the A51 5G model is primarily the expensive Exynos 980 processor. And it’s similar with Qualcomm, which has so much with vp ip with 5G, but all of you even the highest.

Huawei cannot compete and lower prices

According to the Digitimes server, not only the current coronavirus epidemic, but also Huawei, is developing prices. He owns Kirin chips with 5G support, just because of the US embargo, he is basically fired from all but the market. This is where one of the big competitors dropped out, so Qualcomm and Samsung don’t have to push for falling prices, there’s no reason. Due to the embargo, Huawei even has problems with the production of ip, which is produced for it by the Taiwanese company TSMC, which also has ip for Qualcomm.

Although prices are still falling, mobile phone manufacturers will currently come up to $ 70 and $ 80, which is a decrease from the original $ 100, but a sharp drop in prices was originally expected.

Cheap 5G mobiles will be up for a year

According to him, we can’t do cheap 5G smartphones this year. They come with a new generation ip, ie in the dark, in essence and in a year. It will fly not only on the development of the embargo on Huawei, which as a competitor should push for prices, but also, of course, on the development of the coronavirus epidemic and, last but not least, on another IP manufacturer, Mediatek.

Although it has 5G chips, but so far it is not delivered in a very soft mobile phone. The first phone with the new Dimensity 1000+ is the Vivo IQOO Z1, which was introduced in May and is available in some markets, especially elsewhere in Asia. But even that is not a cheap device, in the transfer with VAT it would cost around 15,000 crowns, also in Mediatek it will be waiting for cheaper chips for mobile phones, etc.

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