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Which is the fastest or the funniest? cations from the world of cryptocurrency

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Value, anonymity, nobility, speed and humor. Even in the world of cryptocurrency, there is a battle for the championship. We provide an overview of the most interesting representatives from the world of digital currencies.

only 2008. In the world, the mortgage bubble bursts at the height of the economic crisis, in Europe, for the first time, the NHL and the new Quantum of Solace bond go to cinemas. Everyone’s eyes are fixed on these events, while Satoshi Nakamoto is the first official cryptocurrency on bitcoin.org.

It has been three years, do not follow other similar names. Today we have altcoins for them, which is an abbreviation for bitcoin alternatives (you can go through the development of the virtual family here). Hundreds of them will perish, and some will transform and merge. There are currently over 1,500 active digital currencies, most of which are tradable.

Bitcoin demography.  Who are his dr

Vvojov strain of Bytecoin.

Most people call them cryptocurrency, Czech legislation calls them all things, some economists call them speculative tools. And whatever you call this technology, cryptocurrencies become an integral part of society, and some of them boast the title of it.

But while the largest country and the fastest runner is exactly confusing, in the crypt world it is far from easy and the day of the championship is not unquestionable. It is possible to look at cryptoampions in different categories and argue, for which reason to compare cryptocurrencies.

1.The most valuable

Here the answer is especially: What does it mean most valuable? If we took value as the price for one coin, bitcoin would end up outside the medal position. The winner would be a 42-Coin programmer with the pseudonym Hendo (doubtful Project-X don’t sweat).

He is the only one, never see the whole coin. As if you saw an annual, he comments on the creature itself. Inspired by galaxy’s Stopa guide and baseball player Jackie Robinson, he set the number of coins at 42 and 42-second transactions.

Especially not the recession is symbolized by this cryptocurrency warning before the so-called instamining, when the creator simply created a large volume of coins with minimal energy and time requirements (his critique can be grown here). taskch giant to you this process has become substantially nronj, and after their departure will resume, pe Business Insider.A price? At the time of writing, you would pay $ 46,000 for one coin.

Watch out for the thorn capitalization

The price of one bitcoin, on the other hand, now oscillates around 11 thousand dollars (about 225 thousand crowns). It is the most valuable currency due to the market capitalization, ie the total value of all coins issued so far. However, we must take this nominal value with respect to the reserve, because the actual value is significantly distorted.

For cryptocurrencies, their thorn capitalization is given in dollars. You don’t buy the vast majority of digital money for real pensions, but others are cryptocurrencies. The actual value is therefore intertwined. How would this turn out in practice?

For example, litecoin now thorns a capitalization of $ 11 billion. Once the holder of a single percentage of litecoin spontaneously decided to convert to dollars, its price would most likely respond immediately to a large decline. When the cryptocurrency suddenly rises or falls, the others will rise and fall at least for a short time, think the programmer and film critic František Fuka, who has been interested in the cryptocurrency for a long time.

Cryptocurrency expert Dominik Stroukal, a former Liberl Institute and now a correspondent for the Roklen24 server, explains the resemblance to real names: If the cryptocurrency falls, they will have no value. But the same goes for the dollar. The question is, which of them is more likely.

The virtual capitalization of the capitalization is tremendously volatile and depends on patience and diligence. Therefore, the total value of altcoin is often expressed in bitcoins and it often stands out from dollars. Even if we take the value in real pensions as a given, it will actually be.

You will also lose bitcoin

You could have caught on the Internet at first how someone threw a hard drive with a private key to a thousand bitcoin or had a sweat stolen with one of the security keys. According to a detailed blockchain analysis by Chainalysis, more than three million bitcoins have been irretrievably lost, roughly one in circulation. It should be noted that the estimate includes the first million bitcoins taken by the founder Satoshi, his identity is still unknown.

Bitcoin demography.  Who are his dr

Bitcoin Demography. Who are his dritel?

For non-established cryptocurrencies, the value may be skewed by the major thrush (called the whale). While in the stock markets, for which the thermal market capitalization arose, there are braking mechanisms such as transparency and limits on the volume of transactions, in decentralized cryptocurrencies there is nothing similar on many stock exchanges.

If an anonymous whale (often an author who makes large quantities of coins on an arrest) crushes his stock outside the stock exchange, the overall value will be distorted and the owner will drastically affect the price.

Bitcoin has developed a community of bdc over transactions and the system and millions of drivers. With its $ 186 billion, even in the face of millions of coins lost, it would have no competition, and if we come up with values ​​worth of dollars, in this respect we can actually call it stronger.


Bitcoin has often become non-transparent. The heart of bitcoin, the so-called blockchain, can be easily imagined as a public ethnographic book, in which I can browse and go through the transaction. For example, with the help of the Blockchain.info tool, you can search for transactions on the Tor project.


All transactions in the bitcoin history can be browsed without restrictions

One of the first responses to this openness was to create a dash (in the development tree under its original name darkcoin), which was supposed to have a fast and very difficult to find transaction compared to bitcoin. With the enhancement later, the file zcashs with so-called zero-knowledge proofs. What’s going on?

Zcoin (Twitter)@zcoinofficial
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A quick comparison of privacy coins $XZC #cryptocurrency #anonymity https://t.co/5VG2v2Com4

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Imagine that you are Mirek (the sender of the transaction) and you have a color-blind friend Boka (the recipient of the transaction). Mirek tells Bok the yellow and red mek and says that they are different (send the transaction). The sides look the same and don’t know him. So Mirek wants to convince him that they are different colors (he sent the transaction), nor would he reveal which mek is which.

Boek therefore takes each mecca in one hand, hides it for a while, then it is again for Mikek. Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection. If Mirek did not talk and the cards are really different (he sent the transaction), it is not a problem for him to know. Quiet quiet room. However, if Mirek lied and the words are the same (he did not send the transaction), I can only know half of the exchange for the walls. With each repetition, his ability to hurry decreases, and after a thousand attempts, such an opportunity is practically zero (the technology of using the so-called Yaouva problem is a million).

What does it look like in practice? The sender, who owns the currency, generates a string along with the encrypted data. It also contains a so-called nullifier, which marks the tokens for use, it is impossible to reuse them.

As a result, transactions are anonymous and the identity of the subject cannot be traced. Today, there are cryptocurrencies like verge and PIVX, which present themselves as substantially anonymous. This adept in this category is called monero.

Currency ern economy

The word monero means in Esperanto coin language. Thanks to the use of CryptoNote technology, it belongs to the bytecoin family, a historical competitor of bitcoin. To ensure the use of decentralized monero, several tools. The first are the so-called ring signatures, where the identity of the sender is mixed with other holders so that they all appear the same and the recipient does not recognize the actual match. Monero according to the door transaction system (RCT), which hides the value of the transfer and deletes the connected entity.

Explained RCT transactions (video: getMonero.org, English):

For the transfer, it provides both a monero and a single public key, randomly generated from two wallets. Should the security appear to be insufficient, the cryptocurrency supports Tor and I2P. Thanks to knowledge and high market capitalization, monero also serves as a means of exchanging black economics on the dark web, such as AlphaBay and two Oasis.

A new spectrecoin is emerging in the field of digital currency, promising to be the most anonymous. How to stand in practice, we will have to repent.

3.The easiest thing for you

Much has been written about the energetic necessity of bitcoin. Compared to some hundreds and more, a single transaction requires the same energy as 465 thousand VISA card payments.


Srovnn energetick spoteby stt s Bitcoinem.

Most of the other virtual currencies are similar to Stroukal. Of the classical cryptocurrencies, the energy level in the final state of each is the same, but alternatives are emerging that are green. But then they have other problems, the mass of electricity is missing.

Otzka could know which one paid off the most. The answer will vary with the value of the currency. Some howl on a prehistoric notebook, but earn a millionth of a penny.

In terms of indebtedness, according to the coinwarz.com server, it is currently the most appropriate spot for me, which has seen a sharp drop in the need for you after the 8th hole. Follow ethereum and zcash. It is impossible to generalize which is the easiest for me.

Different cryptocurrencies have different algorithms, and different hardware is different for different algorithms. For cryptocurrency X, a $ 500 GPU is twice as good as a $ 500 CPU. For cryptocurrency Y, the opposite is true, explains Fuka.

In addition, you don’t just run on sweat. Hackei still found ways and devices that can be used for this method of mining. tokm el television, car advertising systems on YouTube.

It is worth mentioning in this section electroneum, which recently launched a mobile application on you. Currency with the flash logo was created as a mobile cryptocurrency on its own blockchain with CryptoNote, similar to a monero. At present, according to his own views, 130 million users.

4.The fastest

Transaction rate data are not available for all cryptocurrencies. From this point of view, it is not possible to say with certainty that the fastest XRP is used in Ripple.

HowMuch.net has published a comparison of the five largest cryptocurrencies by total value with Visa cards and the PayPal payment system. Visa became the sovereign market with 24,000 transactions per second.


Number of transactions per second for selected cryptocurrencies and payment systems.

Paypal finished with 193 transfers to the tetm mst. It was first captured by Ripple, who is capable of 1,500 transactions per second. Bitcoincash, litecoin and dash move around padesti, ethereum over 20 and bitcoin down with seven.

Ripple is not a real cryptocurrency. It acts as a medium for the exchange of currency, assets and commodities. It is covered by banking giants such as UBS, Unicredit or Santander, who use it themselves. Thanks to that, Dr. is credible, but not decentralized.

You do not need to make a transaction, but you have to pay a non-refundable currency fee in ripple coins (XRP) and the first ones are traded on stock exchanges. will decrease. Unlike some XRP cryptocurrencies, all or both pensions and pensions that pass through Ripple are evaluated first in the XRP.

5.The funniest

Some cryptocurrencies are entertaining and have been established from the recession. Jin just funny funny and TV is out.

Putincoin was created to pay tribute to the people and president of one of the largest and best countries in the world: Russia! uvd view one of them. Despite the fact that the car officially states that it’s just a joke, putincoin has a thorn capitalization of more than a million dollars. Such a trumpcoin with the motto make crypto great again reaches currently only 765 thousand.

Trumpcoin introduces itself (video: Trumpcoin.com, in English):

There is also a potcoin for marijuana users, a sexcoin m used for the porn industry and you would also use a useless ethereum token. If the cryptocurrency based filling from the recession may not only serve for amusement, but also help and gain great value, symbolizes dogecoin.

The virtual me was created on the motif of the Internet meme Doge, to act as a tip for comments and contributions to the Reddit discussion. Current value? Dog pl billion dollars. For example, a user sent $ 25,000 to Jamaican bean darkness to defend the Olympians in Soi, or withdrew $ 20,000 in a drought-stricken region in Kenya.

The Jamaican couple ended up penultimate (the Serbs resigned due to injuries), but they became a symbol that the cryptocurrencies did not have to be just a tool of speculation or an economy, but also charity.

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