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Do you really kill a top smartphone? OnePlus ready cheap model

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From the moment, OnePlus profiles itself as a top-notch smartphone. They managed to significantly reduce the price of the spade model compared to the competition. However, current models are not cheap. However, this feature is also an affordable model. It penetrates into the middle only a second time.

The only six-year-old OnePlus emblem, which specializes in online sales and two-day sales only on invitations, had a hallmark of exclusivity, gradually evolving into a premium emblem. This year’s first novelties in the form of models 8 and 8 Pro cost from 19 to 25 thousand crowns. It is still the top of the smartphones, the brand is famous for them, only their prices are very important to you, we were not used to it.

She was leaked with information in June that OnePlus could introduce a non-traditional smartphone. He now confirmed these speculations with Pete Lau, a company talking about new arrests. On his twitter page, Lau shared an article from the official discussion fra, in which he confirms the arrival of completely new models of the series. Tweet added that after six years of OnePlus focusing on a single line of smartphones, it’s time to add something extra.

Lau is convinced that many people from the community that has developed around OnePlus during that time are the first to have a smartphone that meets their daily needs and at the same time will be affordable.

With the new product line, the company intended to break through first in Europe and in the Indian market, Lau also promised to enter the North American market later. He gave details to the pinst company soon, through a private instagram here, OnePlusLiteZThing.

There are ambiguities around the name of the news or products of the series. According to the GSM portal, Arenas has speculated about the designation 8 Lite, later a mention of OnePlus Z was made. However, it is also marked Nord, which would significantly deviate from the tradition of these characters. She used the text as a designation of a specific model only for the first generation of her smartphone. From the OnePlus One model, it was used by a different generation for a different generation (the improved models bore the T house), with the exception of the only representative so far in the past: the OnePlus X from 2015.

Only the second representative should be introduced by OnePlus in July. According to the GSM Arena, this is indicated by one of the contributions in the given instagram profile: it is a description of the name of the word in Morse code. It is the first of many such items, which are to gradually reveal details about the novelty.

As for any specifications, it’s all about speculation. The phone should support 5G st. His heart should probably be Snapdragon 765G, the mention of you also about MediaTek Dimensity 1000 and others. Support for fast (30 W) charging should not be missing. Knowledge of ambiguity prevails around the main camera, both double and triple and even a square assembly are variable. However, OnePlus should soon bring more light into it.

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