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Absurd message. I can’t use a mobile phone while walking, but no one should fine them

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The city council of the Japanese city of Yamato from Kanagawa Prefecture has been patient with unruly pedestrians. It therefore approved a decree that prohibits people from using their mobile phones when walking in public places. And effective from July 1. The absurdity, however, is that there will be no danger of punishment in the event of a small case.

The city hopes that people understand that a smart phone should not be used when they are on the move. Pedestrians, ie if they want to use a smartphone in a public space, they should stop first, according to the ordinance, in a place where they will not obstruct traffic.

In January, the Japanese city commissioned a study on the use of a smartphone in two cities. It found that of about 6,000 pedestrians, 12 percent of them used the phone while walking. In response, a new decree was drawn up.

However, not all cities are as benevolent as the Japanese Yamato. For example, in the entrance area of ​​Wen, which in its country since January 1, 2019 has banned vehicles and pedestrians, the threat of pedestrians who ignore the expulsion is fined. As it turned out, this is an imaginary stuffing through the fingers: one of the nests boasted of a small fine for our social services (for more see Street walked with a mobile phone in hand. She was fined 33 crowns).

The New Jersey city of Fort Lee was in 2012 after a severe punishment. After twenty accidents caused by pedestrians, of which they were fatal, the local police suffered patience at the time. The police imposed a fine for 117 people for careless walking. It was $ 85, ie according to the then exchange rate of 1,700 crowns (for more see In New Jersey, you will send your most expensive SMS in your life).

However, a number of cities will address the issue of so-called smombies in other ways. Install special traffic lights, for example in the Dutch city of Bodegraven-Reeuwijk, they have done bad trouble (see See Wanting to Protect Numbing People with Mobile Phones. However, they develop criticism for new traffic lights) and develop special warning systems. One of them also presented the South Korean construction state (for more see Do you give them patience with smombies. They therefore developed a special warning system).

Maarsk Budakalsz chose his own path: the local police decided to fight the smombies so-called on their own. Only with the help of spray paints. With the consecration of the city series, they created paper templates and, with the help of signal colors, provided selected pedestrians with special pictograms (for more, see the Police Zebra Commando Fights Against Cell Phone Artificial).

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