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The popular OnePlus opt data leaked data. This time also credit cards

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Although the OnePlus brand does not generate large sales, for some users the bag is literally iconic. Offer great equipped smartphones at affordable prices. This is how repeated data of customer data are.

The OnePlus logo falls under the BBK Electronics Group, as do the Oppo, Vivo and Realme brands. If the first two named characters are among the largest in the world and only a little over a year old, the Realme character is currently the fastest growing smartphone manufacturer, then OnePlus is a matter for a group of users. Sales of the OnePlus smartphone are not big, in 2017 the company sold only three million devices.

OnePlus has an advantage in the downstream markets. U lta functions as the vanguard of the whole concern, which went to Europe with other signs and from below. And it was basically one of the first manufacturers to try to offer affordable spade models. Today it’s a lot, but OnePlus has literally gained cult status among it. His new smartphones are queuing like their time on iPhones. The manufacturer even sells tickets for the introduction of new models. So I don’t marry the competition. Originally, OnePlus smartphones were available as extras only by invitation.

Ovem OnePlus repeatedly angry sales portl. In January last year, customer data leaked, including details of credit and debit cards and CVV kd. It was damaged and had thousands of thousands of customers. Now the situation repeats itself.

OnePlus itself informs about another niche, although not for many so fatal. Customer data leaked from OnePlus, including names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. Data on credit cards should not escape this time. It is not clear how many customers are new. Affected customers should be notified directly by OnePlus by e-mail.

It’s a bit different how much this company has with its sales portal. The idea is whether the programmers of the OnePlus portal are so incompetent or otherwise.

For other characters, something like this would happen without length of action. Needless to say, the OnePlus brand is like the whole BBK Electronics nsk concern. What is not a cause for paranoia, but others in their own sales portals with other world competing manufacturers is not known.

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