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Pestoe Huawei can’t build 5G in the USA, so it will make money on them

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The US administration does not allow the Huawei company to participate in the installation of 5G in the USA. The paradox of the bag is that Huawei will still make money on these stch. And that on the license fees.

A study published by The GrayB and Amplified, quoted by Bloomberg, shows how complex the telecommunications technology is behind. What’s going on? The US administration has imposed an embargo on the German company Huawei, which is the flagship German company known all over the world.

Under the embargo, American companies cannot trade with Huawei and exceptions. As for the production of smartphones, for which Huawei does not use the Google service package. At the same time, the American administration does not allow Huawei to be involved in the construction of mobile networks in the USA, which is very active today due to the building of the five generations.

The only paradox is that Huawei will still make money on construction in the USA. And these are big deals. The reason is the patents, which the company dr. According to an amended study, the company owns eight hundred percent of all patents on 5G: Huawei, Samsung, LG, Nokia, Ericsson and Qualcomm. Only the last of them, Qualcomm, is an American company.

If the patents, which are absolutely indispensable for the construction and operation of 5G, are taken into account, Huawei owns 34 percent, Qualcomm 30, Samsung 24 and LG 19 percent. This points to the service of Asian societies. Samsung and LG do not otherwise limit the game in the field of infrastructure. On the contrary, Ericsson and Nokia, which together with Huawei are among the main and essentially dominant manufacturers of infrastructure, hold only a small number of key patents.

Huawei will thus benefit from the installation of 5G in the USA, although it will not participate in any way. Licensing fees are high, as evidenced by patent litigation between cell phone manufacturers, which has been the market for decades. Finely, it was often in the billions of dollars. For many features, patents are a significant source of income. On the other hand, everyone’s salaries and often equal payments are balanced.

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