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stakes are t zpt to lionesses. Without mobil, I would not have contact with the camera

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More than half of the Czech stamps are born according to their parents, and they drill back into the benches. On the contrary, a quarter of children would be able to live without a classroom. According to a April survey by Samsung.

All wheels in the Czech Republic are closed for more than two months. The study was peruvantally slowed down and coronavirus infections in the 11th day, initially for only two weeks. however, the benches began to float and arrest in May. After two months, the first graduates and girls drilled into them, and on Monday, May 25, they will be drilled into the wheels of the first degree. However, the return is voluntary.

As the April survey by Samsung showed, most of them on the base wheels are on the benches. According to their parents, 53% of children would have driven into them, ie more than half. However, about a quarter (26%) will not be able to do it at all after the round, the remaining 21 percent of children do not care whether they should go back to the benches before the summer holidays arrest, and they should continue to live at home.

Due to the measures taken, the children got into an interesting situation where either they or their parents had to communicate with bicycles and teachers, almost exclusively electronically, said Tom Balk, head of the mobile devices division at Samsung Electronics Czech and Slovak, according to which purchase of electronics including mobile phones.

Teaching at home takes place online, for example by sending rounds by e-mail and mass video conferencing. More than half of (53%) students and full cycles use the first mobile phone, the aunt then the tablet (31%). For eight out of ten (77%), a laptop and a laptop became necessary. During this time, children most often use electronic devices to receive home bikes from teachers (83%), and out of ten children, they use them to look for information to meet them.

In the survey, Samsung was interested in how the natives came out with a new obligation. The most common way to entertain children while the rounds are closed is at home (65%) and playing games on mobile phones, tablets and game consoles (62%).

Thus, the total time that children insist on mobile phones, tablets and computers has increased significantly. More than a quarter (28%) last for these hours two and three hours a day, three and three hours and more than those hours then the same 21% dt. Only 10% of stamps spend a maximum of an hour a day on them. For them, a mobile phone is often the only way to communicate with classmates, friends and grandparents.

As the darkness grows, so does the risk of excessive and unsuitable indoor use. Even after parental control over the device to which the descendant has access, only about half of the parents (52%) use it. According to Blka, however, they should not rely on the fact that their children are able to correctly assess all the risks that they may face in the electronic world.

There are various applications and programs, such as Google Family Link, Samsung Kids, or Kids Place, that customize and make it easier for children to control them, but set limits on the outside, preventing inappropriate applications, or creating dangerous sites. one.

The research was conducted by Samsung Electronic Czech and Slovak through the Instant Research service of the Ipsos research agency on 23 and 25 April 2020 on a sample of 337 parents who go to the primary school and go with them in the household.

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