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fa Xiaomi caught with an iPhone. Excuse me for just testing him

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For its fans, the director of Xiaomi encouraged this, when he added an article to the Internet, which the company automatically reported that it was sent from the iPhone. This was followed by a comedic hiding place accompanied by speeches.

Even if you remember to remember cases about celebrities who were your brands, such as Huawei, only on the social walls wrote songs from the iPhone (see, for example, actress Gal Gadot). The director Xiaomi Lej novi now succeeded in such a mess, when an automatic label on the Weibo social network erupted on him inside the iPhone.

What followed was funny about the whole situation. After a while, the author deleted the article, only as we all know what will appear on the Internet once, only a bit is taken back. The captured article thus began to circulate on the Internet with ridiculous comments, and Xiaomi did not have to, not at least tame the codes with various speeches.

First, he also re-recorded our contribution to Weibo, this time from the first phone, ie the current top model Mi 10 Pro. The crown was given to it by the publication of one of the analysts and partner Xiaomi, who wrote with the explanation that Lej n is only actively testing the product of their competitor.

They are quite in favor of testing the modern iPhone 7 msc since its release, unless it was a fresh model SE (2020). On the other hand, it is quite understandable that such people in smartphone companies should really have an overview of how competing products work, however, presenting themselves publicly in this way did not make a full impression. Can anyone imagine how the Internet would react if Tim Cook were caught with Apple with Samsung?

In the past, Lej n made no secret of taking a hand from Apple. To him, his style is probably a reminiscent of the way Steve Jobs is, he is quite bloodless trying to make Xiaomi a kind of Apple. Its store signs are in the same minimalist spirit as the iconic Apple Store. In addition, you will find a whole range of products that seem to have fallen out of sight of Apple: smart TV boxes, touch pads, wireless headphones and many more.

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