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Route city of border checks? I must not be obliged, it takes Brussels

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The European States are slowly releasing measures taken in recent weeks in connection with coronavirus infection. Under certain conditions, the central boundary also opens. According to the European Commission, the state should replace the current controls with trace applications. Entry into the world must not be conditioned by their use.

In the Wednesday package for the summer season, the European Commission recommended that the current border controls could be replaced, among other things, by using software on the phone that records location and contacts with other people. According to Brussels, the EU country must guarantee that the applications will be smoothly harmonized and will be able to connect them throughout the EU.

People’s MEP Andreas Schwab declared these applications only when they offer them essential things such as security and information. A representative of the strongest parliamentary faction is one of the supporters of the rapid opening of the border and, together with a group of colleagues, called on the commission to put more pressure on the state. According to him, the early launch of the application will help me to reopen Europe.

Like him and members of other groups, they reminded that mobile tracking positions and contact with potentially infected people must be strictly voluntary.

Entry into the ground must not be conditioned by the application itself. Free movement is a fundamental first, not the price for downloading the application, said Socialist MP Brigit Sippelov. In some countries, however, politicians demand that only foreigners with a telephone equipped can come after the border is opened.

The development of a mobile surveillance contact is about to take place, as well as a wide range of countries in the Czech Republic (for more see How they have already advanced the world. The smart coronavirus tracking system has been introduced quickly). The state is testing applications that provide a variety of information related to covid-19, and according to Brussels, it is important that applications from one state be usable in another country.

We must ensure the ethical, transparent and safe use of these applications. This requires a Europe-wide coordinated approach, said Liberal MEP Karen Melchiorov.

EU Commissioner Didier Reynders assured the European Commissioner that the Commission would ensure that applications were applicable throughout the EU. According to him, the EU Council for Personal Data Protection will cooperate in their development.

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