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The cell phone saw through the clothes. The manufacturer is about to deactivate the function

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What we expected happened. The interesting feature of the camera’s new OnePlus 8 Pro smartphone, which made it possible to see through specific materials, has proven to be a potential risk of overheating privacy. The manufacturer therefore decided to deactivate it temporarily.

We informed her last week about the interesting filter of the OnePlus 8 Pro camera, which allows you to see you through plastics and thin fabrics (see the article Technology Magic? In essence, what we feared has come true: there is only a risk of abuse of this function in the furnace. Someone could force her, for example, to take a photo of people who can be seen under clothes thanks to the filter.

OnePlus therefore first apologized to Weibos for the first time and stated that it would temporarily deactivate the color filter function. An update of the system, which will slightly limit the capabilities of the camera, will reach the owners of the Model 8 Pro in the coming days. However, since the user must first manually approve the update, they can technically keep the meter filter as long as they want. However, the condition is not to install or give any updates.

Representatives of OnePlus drained the need for this update as expected: under very specific conditions, the camera’s filter could actually be seen through thin strips, which they said could lead to the invasion of someone else’s privacy. However, the company adds that such a situation is very unlikely.

The filter will remain deactivated for the time necessary for repairs, it should definitely prevent the abuse of this function, especially to take hanbatch photos of unsuspecting people. Such possibilities of the camera are evidenced by the fact that, through the optics of the camera, for example, the inscriptions on the paper are hidden first under an ordinary trick (see the original link in).

The reaction of the manufacturer is quite understandable. It is also necessary to think about the customers, who will be deprived of one of the functions of the phone, for which they paid a relatively high number. It is therefore necessary to act quickly and repair the filter so that it still serves to take interesting photographs, but it could not be left out. Otherwise, it could technically re-lock the function due to retirement requirements.

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