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Design a future smartphone, OnePlus invited fans

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Today’s smartphones are still a uniform thing. The technology is changing, and the manufacturers, thanks to the flexible display, have so many hands tied. OnePlus nevertheless left creativity to its fans. He challenged them to design future smartphone tto nsk characters.

We challenged our community to draw oneplus of the future, and we got a lot of great concepts, nsk told OnePlus on Twitter. Along with this tweet, she published the suggestions she had received from the fan. If you have futuristic visions such as an implanted ip and a mobile frame with a projector, then you will be disappointed. At least from the public proposals, it can be concluded that the OnePlus fan base lives in real life and such devices (at least from their favorite characters) have insights. His supporters mostly focused on variously improved existing parameters.

The first of the proposals shows the future of oneplus vesms as a photographic peborn. The main photomodule is spaced from the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, but after the model of the OnePlus smartphone, it is placed on the vertical center of the back. In addition, it has a laser focusing and front-facing array of images: the main 64Mpix camera complements a wide angle image of the same resolution with a 136 degree shooting angle, 18Mpix portrait image, optically stabilized 8x zoom and 24Mpix anamorphic camera.

So the image, which became a horizontal collection, thanks to the user as a result of a wide collection. Anamorphic lenses are used mainly in the film industry, because films can get into the film polka much ir zbr. Subsequent stretching of the noodle image then achieves a typically wide-angle film collection (21: 9).

The author of this design will be oneplus according to the use of Fluid AMOLED display with 240Hz refresh rate, under its surface will be hidden eln photo camera. Integrated cameras will be an upcoming trend, for example, Visionox has announced that it will start producing technology for placing a photo camera under the smartphone display (for more, see Changing the design of a smartphone. Displays with a built-in focus are in production).

The future oneplus fan will see the extra characters as a compact device, a 21: 8 aspect ratio display and minimal lines should have a depth of only five inches. The entire lower half of the display should act as a fingerprint, so the user would not have to look for a specific location on the display when unlocking the phone. In addition, the right side of the phone should have pressure-sensitive game controls in all areas.

The compact design also includes a type of public design, its author goes about it differently. This phone has a retractable design, which allows the user to access it, among other things, is not a third part of its equipment: the projector. This should be used to mirror the contents of the display in real time to any area in the vicinity. However, some sources mention that this design completely scratches the display and the projector fully replaces it.

Any content captured in this way should respond to the user’s finger movements in the same way as a traditional display. In addition, the phone should be equipped with a folding stylus on the side and a slide-out keyboard. As sufficient, the author considers a photographic collection of these images.

The last of the published proposals is again from another barrel. Its author relied on minimalist design without vemonch beauties. According to his idea, the future oneplus should differ in detail from the current production, namely the presence of a magnetic charging port and the location of the front camera. It would follow the expected trend, so it would be located below the surface of the display, but not in the expected top, but in its center. The meaning of this one is unique.

It cannot be ruled out that this challenge, or all received visions of future oneplus, will not be sent to our company at least as inspiration for some upcoming model. Innovations are not foreign to OnePlus. We will remind you of the unique function of the current 8 Pro model, which due to the absence of a common infrared filter can be seen through some materials (for more see Technological magic?

This unusual advantage aroused fears about the possibility of private invasion: someone could force her, for example, to take a photograph of a photo of people whom he would see under his clothes. The company therefore decided to temporarily disable the controversial function (for more see Mobile saw through clothing. The manufacturer is about to deactivate the function).

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